How to Employ Space Under the Stairs

The area underneath the stairs is not entirely useless. You can transform the few feet-squares of that space into a modern office, kitchen pantry, dog house, vintage cabinet, small study room, storage space, etc. Provided you’re creative, there are dozens of under stairs ideas and creative under stairs storage ideas you can implement to make the under the stairs space more functional.


Storage Space

With so many feasible under stairs storage ideas, you can convert the space beneath the stairs of your home into the perfect under stairs storage. You can check the article on under stairs shelves and under stairs shoe storage ideas on Tylko’s to learn a few things about converting your space into a more usable under stairs storage space. You can install drawers, shelves, and cabinets under the stairs to create decorated spaces for storing your everyday items.


Under Stairs Office

The space under the stairs is not large enough, but if creatively converted into a small home office, it can be a great source of inspiration. One of the best under stairs ideas for turning your space into an office is installing adjustable under stairs shelves for keeping your items and strategically positioning your portable computer desk.


Small Home Study Area

You can install bookshelves to showcase your favorite antiques, books, and knick-knacks. Manage the limited spacing to fit cabinets, reading table, ergonomic chair, and a small library. You might have to paint the study area with warm shades to make it welcoming.


Guest or Kid’s Bedroom

Turn your limited under stairs space into a kid’s or guest’s bedroom with a few modification ideas. You can order a custom-made sofa cum bed and ottomans underneath the stairs. If well-organized, the space can also serve as an excellent place for relaxing and studying when you want alone time outside the busy sitting or study rooms.


Kids Relaxation Space

Kids are bound to play, and if you don’t get them the space to do their stuff, they will be forced to do it in your living space or their bedroom. I am sure you know the mess the kids leave around after a session of play and enjoyment. So why not turn the space under the stairs into a kids’ relaxation and play zone. Color the space with bright colors and supply it with adequate toys, decorative shelves and install under stairs shoe storage for kids if you can.