Types of Wall Unit Shelving Units

Storflex produces high quality wall unit shelving using a wide array of size choices. Effective wall unit shelving allows retailers to maximize retail space by building aesthetically appealing, functional, and versatile display solutions on their wall unit shelving. Retailers use this space to display a variety of items from decorative items to more functional items. The ability of shelving to serve multiple functions adds an extra element of convenience to the store. Many people spend hours in a store looking for a product only to find out later that it’s not in the aisle.

The average shelf is built with the narrowest legs possible in order to accommodate a standard size piece of standard furniture. Retailers have found the wide variety of wall units available today provide ample room to build different sized pieces in a multitude of styles. Consumers have the option of choosing deep x or mid century modern styles, offering wide x or deep x configurations for a complete shopping experience. Retailers can also purchase individual shelves that are made to fit specific retail styles such as shabby chic, kitsch, or shabby farmhouse styles.

One of the benefits of wall units that is not often thought about is their ability to save time and money by being able to stock aisles with a wide variety of items without the need for extra space. Items can be arranged in deep, circular, or flat rows to help customers find just the right item without standing in a long line. Additional benefits to using wall units include: saving shelf space due to the ability of the shelves to be placed on the outside of the building. An additional benefit of wall units is the ability to change the look of the room on a dime by rearranging the items on the wall.

Among the types of wall unit shelving that has a huge impact on the way products are displayed and stored is cado shelving. Known as the wood of choice for cabinets because of its unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal, cado shelving is also among the most commonly used types of shelving systems in the country. Typically made out of high density teak wood, cado shelving provides a highly organized and space-saving approach to the storage of products. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations, cado shelving can be purchased to meet any retail style. A big benefit to cado shelving is that it is able to withstand the elements such as moisture, dirt, and humidity, proving an excellent investment over the long run.

Other types of wall shelving units are manufactured from acrylic, wire, stainless steel, plastic and other products with varying properties. Manufacturers are able to offer a large selection of products to meet the unique needs of retailers while providing a durable, attractive product. Wire shelving units are the ideal option for smaller spaces, while stainless steel, acrylic and other metals are ideal for rooms with higher traffic or where an elegant appearance is desired. Plastic and a wide variety of other materials can also be used to create creative wall shelving solutions for retail spaces.

No matter what type of wall unit shelving a store needs to store items, such as canned goods, books, shoes, CDs and DVDs, there is a wide variety to choose from. Retailers need to consider a wide variety of factors when choosing which type of product will best meet their needs. A store owner may choose a metal wall unit shelving wall unit for general use, while another may opt for a deep X wall unit to display a wide variety of books and DVDs. The cost will depend largely on the size, weight and dimension of the product selected. In addition, wall shelving systems may include multiple tiers, which add extra functionality to the shelving system.